Welcome to my website. The main features of the site are to show our weekly squash results, the quotes page and my IMDB Top 250 and BBC Big Read 100 lists. It’s also useful for helping me learn a bit more in-depth about the various features of WordPress.

The look of the site could do with an overhaul, but it’s not going to happen for a long time as I have many other more important things to do :-) But the squash results will always be kept up-to-date.

I’ve put some links below of various websites that I maintain and develop, as well as social media links and some other sites that I update with my cycling and music interests.

Latest news

9th October 2015 - I won squash on Wednesday! Was the best I've felt physically in a long time, so of course I woke up on Thursday feeling like my face was going to fall off...

24th September 2015 - Squash has been put on the back-burner a bit recently, everyone seems to be ill or injured or otherwise engaged...

11th September 2015 - Have played squash a couple of times recently but not updated the stats yet - hopefully everyone will get back into it now that the summer holidays are over.

20th June 2015 - Haven't played squash for a while, mostly due to injuries on my part and other people being away. Hopefully will get back into the swing of things after Glastonbury!

17th April 2015 - Haven't played squash for a couple of weeks due to injury, but the tables have been updated for everyone else.

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    • Still not well so am reading about cycling instead of actually cycling 🚴😞
    • Kitty's getting the hang of pedalling without stabilisers now!
    • Kitty's cleaning my bike, she's finally started earning her keep!
    • Managed to replace the headset on my winter bike without too many problems, pretty pleased with that! Just in time too judging by the weather...
    • Kitty's first day at school!
    • Won't be many more days like this in 2015! #sayyestocyclingselfies
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