Welcome to my personal website. I’ve finally got around to updating it properly and have set it up using WordPress, so it’ll be much easier to maintain and keep up-to-date. I’ve also tidied up a bit – the Sam Smiths Challenge page is replicated elsewhere so I didn’t need another one here, if you are looking for it check out the dedicated Sam Smiths Challenge website.

The main features of the website are to show our weekly squash results, the quotes page and my IMDB Top 250 and BBC Big Read 100 lists. It’s also useful for helping me learn a bit more in-depth about the various features of WordPress.

I’ve put some links below of various websites that I maintain and develop, as well as some other sites that I update with my gaming and music interests.

Latest news

20th November 2014 - Not a vintage night last night!

6th November 2014 - Did OK last night, but I think my cheap racquet is letting me down - definitely need to get my proper one restrung!

23rd October 2014 - Couldn't hit a backhand last night for some reason, and bashed my knee with the racquet, limping today!

25th September 2014 - Played pretty terribly last night, lost four in a row then noticed my strings had snapped! Won the last two games after borrowing another racquet, so I choose to blame it all on the racquet :-)

11th September 2014 - Won 3 and lost 3 last night, but played reasonably well considering I had been up half of the night!

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    • There's a bit in 'Let It Go' that reminds me of 'Girl From Mars' and so all day I have both songs stuck in my head...
    • It's been another long week, very glad it's the weekend!
    • @Haute_Route2015 It's definitely on my to-do list but will have to wait until the kids are a bit older!

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