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Welcome to my personal website. I am a 42-year-old quality analyst working in information technology. I also work as a web developer on various websites. I have a BSc in Computer Science from the University of York. This website is a place where you can find out about my personal interests and hobbies, as well as view my latest social media updates. I also have a professional website. You can view other pages on the site using the links below.

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Rory was quite indignant about his school photo being taken at an angle. He's going to be even less impressed when he sees this
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Currently reading: HIRAETH. by Haydn Wilks


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My most recent blog entry was Summer 2022 which I wrote one year ago.

Cycling Blog

My most recent cycling blog entry was Getting Back On It which I wrote one year ago.


My most recent ride "Afternoon Mountain Bike Ride" was 2 months ago and I cycled for 5.9km.

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