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Netvibes Customize widget

I’ve been using Netvibes ever since iGoogle stopped letting you have four columns on a page (although I believe they’re planning to reintroduce this soon). I’ve got a widescreen on my laptop and three columns is such a waste of space.

Netvibes has it’s own problems with wasted space, however help is at hand with the Customize widget, created by FaziBear. This widget lets you turn off the header, the footer, the tab bar, the menu and various other things. It’s an essential widget for use with Netvibes, however I did have some problems with slow page loads, which I eventually found out were down to the widget not being loaded from the host. To improve this I took a copy of the widget and hosted it on my own site (bear in mind that following the widget links won’t actually do anything useful, it only makes a difference to the Netvibes home page).

There was still some unused space that was bugging me though – if you look at this picture, you can see there is a gap between the top of the browser window and the widgets below:

Netvibes home page - beforeTo get rid of this, I added a setting into the widget called ‘Hide top bar’, which allows you to hide the div with class ‘overlay’. Now my homepage looks like this:

Netvibes homepage after removing the top bar

Much better! I’m keeping this updated widget on my own host rather than uploading it to the Netvibes Ecosystem, as the changes are mainly for my benefit and I don’t wish to take credit for the excellent work of FaziBear. If anyone should wish to use it though, feel free to add the widget using this URL:

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