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Firefox 4 beta

I’ve installed the Firefox 4 beta to see what it is like, and so far I have to say I’m impressed. The UI has been improved and now looks a lot more like Chrome or Opera. It has quickly taken over from Chrome as my browser of choice, it doesn’t feel quite as fast as Chrome does but speed improvements are promised, and being able to use AdBlock Plus again makes browsing the web much better! The new Add-ons Manager seems pretty useful too. The colour of the ‘Firefox’ button could do with being, well, a bit less orange – there’s no option to change it although I have seen custom CSS scripts available to do it, but I’ll leave it for now.

Not all of my favourite add-ons have been updated to use Firefox 4 yet, but here is a list of the add-ons I’ve currently got installed (it’ll help remind me what I’ve got in case anything happens to my profile):

AdBlock Plus – removes 99% of all the annoying adverts that clog up the internet. Once you’ve used it, it makes browsing without it seem like a very painful experience (unfortunately, I experience this often).

Download Statusbar – rather than having a pop-up showing your active downloads, this add-on displays them in a bar at the bottom of the screen, much tidier.

Hide Caption Titlebar Plus (Smart) – this removes the title bar from the top of the browser window, giving a little bit more screen estate. Using this makes Firefox look almost exactly the same as the most recent Opera release.

Omnibar – this essentially merges the Firefox Location bar and Search bar – enter a URL and it will navigate there, but enter anything else and it will perform a search. This is the same behaviour as Chrome’s Omnibar.

There’s a few other add-ons which aren’t yet compatible, but ones that I don’t urgently need (Favicon Picker, ColorZilla, Firebug being the main ones).

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