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More on Firefox 4

I’m still using Firefox 4, and whilst it has pretty much replaced Chrome as my browser of choice again, I’m still having a few problems which may be down to this still being a beta, or might be unrelated:

  • Gmail is sometimes really slow – although it’s also quite slow on my mobile so maybe it’s down to my wi-fi connection or something to do with my account.
  • Giant Bomb doesn’t work at all – I guess the site is quite JavaScript heavy, but that doesn’t explain why clicking things that should result in something being displayed on screen instead give a 404 error.
  • My bank (Natwest) don’t recognise it as being a secure browser – again, this is just a beta thing I’m sure, so I can just switch to Chrome to look at that.

I’m looking at a few things at the moment, including a new web host, some jQuery bits and working with social media.

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