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Android OS process using high CPU on Samsung Galaxy S running Gingerbread

Since upgrading my Galaxy S to Gingerbread (Android v2.3), I’ve encountered a bug where CPU usage suddenly goes through the roof and the battery drains much faster than usual. There is a thread on XDA where this problem has been investigated and unfortunately it seems to be a problem that can only be permanently fixed by Samsung.

A temporary fix which is mentioned on that thread is to use Titanium Backup (pro version) to clear the data for ‘Samsung Account’ and ‘Software Update’ and then freeze both of them (or backup and delete if you don’t have the pro version). However, I found that after doing this the problem still occurs.

I’m currently managing this problem using Watchdog Task Manager Lite. I have it setup to monitor all CPU processes, and it alerts me whenever a process uses over 20%. Some processes do this legitimately (such as the music player) but you can whitelist those. The process that seems to be the cause of this issue is ‘suspend’. Here is a screenshot of the culprit being caught:

Watchdog Task Manager Lite finding the suspend processWhen an alert is received for this, I reboot my phone, which clears the problem (until the next time, anyway). It’s not an ideal solution by any means but at least now I have it monitored it can be solved quickly. I just hope an update is released to fix this.

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