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Google Nexus tablet specs leak

Details of Google’s Nexus tablet are appearing all over the web, and seem to be confirming the rumours surrounding the new Android device. Google have partnered with Asus to produce a 7″ Nexus tablet, which will run a new version of Android, Jelly Bean, which is currently numbered as version 4.1 but that may change.

The device will have a 1280×800 7″ display, a 1.3GHz quad core CPU and 1GB RAM, along with 8 or 16GB of storage, a front camera (but no back camera) and NFC capability. The most important detail is obviously the price, and it looks as though the tablet will be sold for US$199. Will that translate to £199? Hopefully not but I wouldn’t hold my breath…

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Google Play offering Longest Day Deals – today only!

Today is the longest day of the year (it’s the summer solstice), and to celebrate the Google Play store is offering a range of apps, books and films at a discount rate. If you’re in the US you can also get cheap music as well.

Longest Day Deals

There are some great games on offer, including Grand Theft Auto III (which I already have) and Mass Effect Infiltrator for just 69p! Check out the store quickly before the deals expire!

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100 Floors now available for Android

The popular iOS game 100 Floors has finally made its way to Android devices, and can now be downloaded from the Google Play store. For now the Android version only has the first 40 levels, but more will be added soon.

100 Floors

The basic premise of the game is that you have to advance to the next level by summoning the lift. This might simply be a case of pressing a button to call the lift, as in level 1:

100 Floors - Level 1
Pressing the green button will call the lift – pretty easy eh?

Later levels get more complicated. Here’s level 3 – the graphics on the door give a clue as to how to proceed:

100 Floors - Level 3
Moving your phone about like the image shows might help here…

Later levels are fiendishly difficult and will make you quite frustrated until suddenly it clicks! The game is free (ad-supported) so why not give it a go?

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Apple vs Motorola patent case dismissed by judge

Is there an end in sight to the tedious patent wars between Apple and various Android manufacturers? Hopefully this judgement will be the beginning of the end. The judge in this case, Judge Richard Posner, has decided that ‘neither party can establish a right to relief’.

Motorola have issued a statement saying that they are pleased with the ruling. Hopefully we can see a return to innovation by these tech companies instead of litigation.