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Angry Birds Star Wars out now!

Following last month’s teaser, the coming together of the Star Wars and Angry Birds universes was released yesterday on the Google Play store.

Angry Birds Star Wars

The story that us geeks know so well has been retold in Angry Bird form – the first levels take place on Tattooine with a young Luke (the red bird) and Obi-Wan (the black bird who has Force powers) taking on sand people and stormtroopers. After a few levels Luke learns to use a lightsabre… complete with sound effects! This alone is enough to get me interested in playing Angry Birds again (yes, I know I’m sad) – the changes in tactics needed reinvigorate the game. It’s free for Android devices, with an HD version available for £1.99. I’d definitely recommend it.

Check out the gameplay video below:

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