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Google Music finally available in the UK

Google have finally made their Music service available in the UK. Of course, tech savvy users will probably have made use of a proxy server to get access early, but it’s now open to all UK residents regardless of technical knowledge.

So what is it? Well, firstly, you can now buy music directly from the Google Play store:

Google Play store showing MusicThere’s now a Music tab along with Movies, Books and Apps. Users can buy singles from 79p or albums from £5.99.

Of more interest possibly is the addition of acces to the ‘cloud’. Songs purchased will be added to the cloud and can be listened to on any Android device or computer with web access. You can also upload your own songs – up to 20,000! – to be streamed to any Android device or computer. If you have wifi or unlimited data this is great as you no longer have to store all of your music on your phone.

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