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Adblock Plus now available for Android devices

A version of the popular browser plug-in, Adblock Plus, is now available for Android devices. The app helps prevent adverts from appearing whilst browsing the internet or playing games. The app, which is available from the Google Play store, is currently free.

Adblock Plus for Android on the Google Play store

The app behaves differently depending on whether your device is rooted or not. If your device is not rooted then it will only block adverts over Wi-Fi, but if you have a rooted device it will block ads over 3G as well! It will work without too much setting up if you have Android 3.1 or above, but users with 3.0 or below will have to do some extra configuration.

It should be noted that using this app will cause an ABP icon to always appear in your notification bar – this is as intended, they are currently trying to find a way to make this optional.

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