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Ubuntu Edge fundraiser started on Indiegogo

The Ubuntu Edge, a device that will allow users to run Ubuntu and Android, has been launched on Indiegogo. The device will serve as a phone, but when plugged into a monitor/keyboard/mouse will also work as a PC. This could be an incredibly useful device – you would truly have a portable computer that could be taken anywhere, as well as used on the go in its mobile format.

The fundraiser is aiming to raise a staggering $32 million – options at present include paying $830 to get an Edge, up to $80,000 for 100 Edges along with access to workshops and support. So far $3 million has been raised in less than a day!

I am intrigued by the Edge – at $830 it’s out of my price range at present, especially as I don’t need to update my phone for a while, but it could be the next step in truly portable computing.

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Google Play store passes 50 billion download milestone

Android owners have downloaded over 50 billion apps from the Google Play store. This was announced by Google CEO Larry Page during their recent earnings call. It was announced in May (at Google I/O) that 48 billion apps had been downloaded, so that’s around 2 billion apps in just two months! By comparison, Apple announced that there had been 50 billion app downloads from iTunes in May, so the Play Store is catching up very quickly – presumably it will overtake Apple before the end of the year.

Previous milestones have seen special sales of apps at either 25 or 50 cents, but there is no sign of a sale this time around, which is disappointing for some users.

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New Google Maps app released on the Play Store

A new Google Maps app has been released, and is now available to download for some users on the Play Store (it may take a while for it to reach all users). The benefits of the new version are:

  • Faster performance
  • Better place information
  • Information about traffic incidents and re-routing
  • Improved layout, especially for tablets

Existing users will receive an update to their Android devices very soon. In the meantime, check out this Google video about the new app: