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Flappy Bird removed from Google Play store

Thanks to social media, Flappy Bird became the most talked about game in the world, with users uniting to complain about the game’s difficult and addictiveness. However, it led to the developer getting a lot of flak for the game’s simplicity, as well as claims of being ripped off from other games and the suspected vote rigging to get the game to the top of the iTunes top games list. Due to this, he has decided that it’s not worth it, despite the claimed $50,000 a day in ad revenues he was receiving, so he has removed the application from all app stores.

I can still see the game on my Play Store, but if I log out then the game is no longer there. It seems like a strange move to take it down when he is earning so much, even if it is bringing so much unwanted attention, but perhaps he is just building up hype and will then put it back online?

It’s amusing to think that companies spend so much developing sophisticated mobile games only for a simple game developed in 2-3 days to make so much money! It shows that the days of single developers are not consigned to the past, which is a good thing in my opinion.