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Marvel Puzzle Quest changes

Whilst not strictly Android-related, all of my Android gaming at the moment is spent with Marvel Puzzle Quest. The more time I spend playing it, the more addicted I get to it. Recently, they’ve made a few tweaks to the game, some behind the scenes (with some improvements to PvP matchmaking promised) and some more obvious (all alliances can now have 20 members).

I was originally in a 7 member alliance, but have left that and switched to one with 20 members. I was a bit fed up of being the one putting in all the effort in the old alliance, and never getting any benefits from it. Now though I am mid-level in the alliance, and am accruing the benefits of the extra ISO and alliance ranking prizes in events.

I’ve succumbed to paying for some Hero Coins (although only with credit earned from doing Google Opinion surveys) to expand my roster, but there will always be some covers I have to throw away. My main block right now is a lack of ISO to level up, I’ve got Storm 2* up to 94 and several other 2*s (Daken, Wolverine and Black Widow) on the way, but all of them are lower than they could be because of a lack of ISO. I could really do with another double ISO event like they had at the anniversary!