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The Dreaded Nexus 5X Bootloop

I’d seen all the warnings about the Nexus 5X bootloop and had figured it was going to affect me some day, but in the meantime I was enjoying using the phone – it is easily the best device I have ever owned. However, one day away from it’s first anniversary, the dreaded bootloop hit me whilst I was midway through a game of Marvel Puzzle Quest.

What happens is that the phone turns itself off, boots up, you see the Google logo and then it promptly reboots, you see the Google logo, it reboots, etc. I did actually manage to get it to boot up properly once by leaving it off for a while to cool down, this gave me a couple of minutes to copy some files off before the bootloops hit once again.

I bought the phone from Amazon UK but I have to deal with LG’s warranty department to get it repaired. I’m not holding my breath that this will get resolved any time soon after the efforts it took to get my LG G Pad 8.3 repaired.

Things are already off to a bad start – LG use a locker-based courier firm to get devices to them. They sent out packaging two days after I called them, and I visited the locker and packaged up my phone within an hour of getting the notification. However, five days later and the phone had still not been picked up – I had to email the courier asking why this was and thankfully it is now showing as being sent. Once it reaches LG I’ll have to wait between 10-15 working days for them to repair it, then wait for the courier to get it back to the locker.

For anyone else who bought the phone directly from Amazon, I’ve heard it might be best to take things up with them – if you complain that you’ll be without a phone for a few weeks, they’ll just give you a full refund. The trouble is that I do really like using the Nexus 5X, and I don’t really want to fork out the extra money for a Pixel just yet.

In the meantime I have borrowed my mum’s old phone, an iPhone 4s. Yes, an iPhone – I thought I would give it a try as the only other alternative is a Galaxy Ace 4 with a cracked screen or a Moto G which can’t maintain a cellular network connection. I am trying to be fair (the iPhone 4s is over 5 years old now) but everything seems so difficult to use – I thought the whole point of Apple is that anyone can use it, but simple things require digging through menus which aren’t always obvious. We’ll see if things get any better…