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Recording music – what are the choices?

Android has always had one major downside compared to iPads, and that is sound latency. Anyone wanting to record music will know that Apple have a great range of recording apps, notably GarageBand, but as the Android operating system suffers from audio latency it is harder to develop good recording apps.

Audio latency is the difference in time between audio going into the device and exiting the device. So for example if you were using a device to add effects to your guitar, the delay between you playing something and hearing it would cause you to be out of time with everyone else. This is a problem caused by the way Android is developed and there is not much you can do about it unfortunately.

One big Android player, Samsung, has made moves to counter this and has developed drivers and SDKs for their own premium devices (such as Galaxy S and Note) which allow for practically zero audio latency. This allows apps to be developed for these devices which work in a similar way to Apple devices. This is a huge improvement but requires you to have a Samsung device. One benefit of Android devices is that there are many cheap devices available, but the Samsung Pro Audio devices are all at a similar price to Apple’s offerings.

It does seem strange that Google haven’t done more in this area – music apps generate a lot of revenue on the App Store for Apple but there is very little to be found on the Google Play Store. It’s almost at a point where I’ve considered buying an iPad just to use GarageBand, but the truth is I don’t spend enough time recording music to justify the expense. It’s definitely something I will consider though when the time to replace my LG G Pad 8.3 arrives.