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Android 8 is known as Oreo

The latest version of the Android operating system is now available to select devices. Android 8 is a major release and has a new name: Oreo. I wonder if Oreo paid anything to have it known as that, like with KitKat? Anyway, if you have a specific device (e.g. Pixel or Nexus) the update should be available now or in the near future.

Android Oreo

My Nexus 5X hasn’t received the update yet but I’m in no rush – I’m sure it’s possible to force an update by joining the beta scheme but I’ll just wait for the update to arrive naturally.

Here are the headline updates for Android 8:

  • Performance – devices should be faster to boot up and run. It is also possible to set a quota for each app so that if the cache for that app gets too large, it will automatically be cleared.
  • Battery – Oreo should limit apps running in the background and force them to run background jobs which should use your battery less.
  • Notifications – these can now be “snoozed” for a certain amount of times. Icons on the launcher will also feature dots to show that a notification has arrived.
  • Autofill – it is possible to autofill certain forms and logins.
  • Adaptive icons – you can choose which icon to display for certain apps.
  • Bluetooth 5 – Oreo will support the latest Bluetooth standards.

I look forward to using Oreo but the changes are not so drastic that I feel compelled to update immediately. Generally there are no major visual changes (such as with the introduction of Holo, Material, etc.)

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