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Tablet decisions

I’ve had my LG G Pad 8.3 nearly 3 years and it’s beginning to show its age. Things seem to be slowing down and it’s still running on Lollipop. I’ve resisted using a custom ROM because some apps won’t work (such as Virgin Media’s TV apps) but there are a few things that annoy me such as the SD card always dismounting itself for no good reason.

I’ve borrowed my mum’s iPad 2 (she’s got herself a newer model) and despite the iPad 2 being older than the G Pad it’s still going reasonably well. The main reason I wanted it was for GarageBand, but I also use it for Readly (the screen dimensions make it easier to read magazines on). I am still not a massive fan of iOS but it still feels like there are not many great apps for Android tablets, whilst the iPad ecosystem is much more extensive.

I don’t think I could ever switch to an iPhone but I could be tempted by an iPad to replace my Android tablet. It just seems to work better for media consumption (which is all I would be doing anyway). The other alternative is a Surface which I’ve been lusting after ever since it was released. It looks great but unless I can get a good deal it’s just a bit too expensive to justify getting.

I’ll wait and see how my current devices fare and whether there’s any good deals in the Christmas sales. I have a feeling I’m going to need a new phone first anyway as I’m sure my Nexus 5X will bootloop again soon…