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The new iPad

So I finally gave in and bought the new iPad.

The new Apple iPad

I’m still unconvinced by iOS as a smartphone operating system and will continue to have an Android phone, but the arguments against an Android tablet were too great. Here was my reasoning:

Pro Android tablet

  • I have bought many Android apps over the years which I could transfer over to a new device.
  • I prefer using Android over iOS – it is more customisable, the notifications work better, it’s easier to copy files over, etc.

Pro iPad

  • The new iPad is relatively cheap, and there are no Android tablets available at the same price with the same power.
  • Developers always develop for iPad first – it has been so frustrating seeing iPad apps appear well before the equivalent Android app. Apps will also be optimized as the Apple ecosystem is not fragmented like the Android ecosystem.
  • Getting accessories is much more straightforward.
  • Everything just works – once installed an app will just work, instead of having to hope that my device is supported as is common with Android.
  • Music apps work much better due to the lack of latency. Garageband also has no real Android alternative.

The new iPad is not a massive improvement over my LG G Pad 8.3 but having a bigger screen is good, reading comics or magazines with Readly is much easier. I’ve not really installed any games but having access to Civilization VI for example is amazing considering that my PC is probably not capable of running it. Yousician also works well – I have an iRig which allows me to plug my guitar in and play along without an amp. I can also plug headphones in and listen using Amplitube.

I’m pleased with my purchase and look forward to seeing what else I can do. When I have time I’ll check out the education apps (as that is the supposed raison d’etre of the new iPad) and see if there’s anything the kids can use. I’m also looking forward to overhauling the Sam Smiths Challenge website and making it mobile-compatible.