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Monument Valley 2

I loved the original Monument Valley, it’s definitely my type of game, but my only criticism would have been that it was a little short. For some reason I’ve only just got around to buying the sequel – I had a flight and weekend away so decided to get some games that can be played offline.

Once the plane was in the air and I could use headphones I started the game and immediately fell in love again. The minimalist graphics and music are very soothing and the sense of achievement after clearing a level is satisfying.

Of course, the second game suffers from the same problem as the first – it’s too short. I have no problem with the price but it felt like just as things were starting to get going the game was over (I would guess I was done in under 90 minutes). I also felt it was a little easy – I think there was only one time that I really struggled (but that was on the flight home late at night after a heavy weekend).

There’s no real replay value, hopefully there will be some extra levels added. I did enjoy the game, I just wish it had been longer!