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Honor View 10 – thoughts so far

I’ve had the Honor View 10 for a few months now. It does everything I need it to and has some big advantages over the Nexus 5X that it replaced, but there are a few things that are not quite as good. Here are my thoughts:

  • The camera on the Honor is much faster to take pictures than the Nexus, especially in the last months of using the Nexus. I can’t compare the quality (I sold the Nexus 5X) but I think the quality is pretty similar. The bokeh feature on the Honor is simple to use and makes some pictures look really good.
  • The Honor is much quicker in everyday use – this isn’t surprising given that it is newer and has 3 times the RAM (6GB vs 2GB), and switching between apps actually works now, instead of apps closing themselves down in between switches as would happen on the 5X.
  • The Honor has 128GB of RAM, 4 times what I had in the 5X (32GB). I am nowhere near having to worry about space to install apps or download photos, I am not even using a third of the available storage yet!
  • The fingerprint reader on the 5X was much better than on the Honor. I much preferred the position on the back, and the Honor’s fingerprint reader doesn’t always seem to read my fingers. This is mitigated by the Honor having face unlock, which isn’t as good as the iPhone’s but it’s good enough.
  • The View 10 has slightly curved edges which means finding a screen protector isn’t straightforward. I tried a tempered glass one but that obscured the edges in order to fit, so I’m stuck using a TPU one. The View 10 comes with a case in the box.
  • I’m having trouble with notifications for some apps, generally those I don’t use often. One example is Hangouts which I use infrequently, I don’t get notified on my phone but see them later on my tablet. There are various app power settings which apparently fix this but my experience is mixed.

Overall I am pleased with the phone, it does everything I need it to and runs smoothly. I may come to miss having Nexus-like stock Android and updates in the future, but for now everything is OK.

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Time for a new phone

My LG Nexus 5X is almost two years old and has already had a new motherboard fitted to fix the boot-loop of death. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until the phone starts boot-looping again, and things are starting to slow down. Most annoyingly, it will appear to take a photo but the photo never gets saved – yesterday this robbed me of a nice photo I’d taken of my son opening his birthday present.

As it’s almost inevitable that the boot-loop will happen again, it makes sense to replace the phone before it happens – that way, I can sell the phone and get more money for a working model. It also means I can transfer everything over to the new phone or backup photos etc. to my PC – it is next to impossible to do this once the boot-loop starts, as I know from painful experience!

I’ve spent a while deciding which new phone to get. I don’t like iOS so an iPhone is out of the question. I was looking at the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel 2, but I can’t bring myself to pay such a premium for them. So I started looking at phones at a lower price point. My considerations were:

  • Camera – I want a decent camera for taking photos, I don’t carry a standalone camera everywhere with me and it’s nice to be able to take photos of my family when we’re out and about. I’ve been spoiled with the Nexus 5X camera I think – obviously the Galaxy S8 and Pixel 2 have the best cameras but they’re also the most expensive.
  • Headphone socket – I have a headphone cable in my car to plug my phone, and one in the kitchen too. Bluetooth has its uses but sometimes I just want to plug my phone in and have it work straight away!
  • USB-C – I’ve become accustomed to using USB-C with the Nexus 5X and I don’t think I can go back to micro USB and having to insert the plug the correct way.
  • RAM – The Nexus 5X only has 2GB of RAM which these days is not brilliant – I’d like a phone with more memory available.
  • Storage – I’d prefer not to use a micro SD card but it’s nice to have the option. The Nexus 5X has 32GB storage which has mostly been enough for my needs.
  • NFC – I like having the option to pay for things with my phone – it comes in handy when out and about in London, for example, as you can use it with Oyster terminals.
  • Fingerprint reader – It’s so quick and easy to unlock with a fingerprint, plus it stops the kids being able to access my phone!

I was initially looking at the Honor 9, which has had some excellent reviews and covers all of the points above. However, when I went to see how much it was on Amazon it was out of stock and wouldn’t be available for shipping for at least a month. Whilst there I noticed that the Honor View 10 was reduced to £380 – only £80 more than the Honor 9, but for that extra money you get more RAM, storage and a better screen. £80 seems a decent premium for these features and it will hopefully future-proof the phone a little more, so I’ve gone for the Honor View 10. Sadly Amazon didn’t have it available for next-day delivery but it should come next week. I could have ordered it from elsewhere but if I buy from Amazon I’ll have a bit more peace of mind when it comes to guarantees, etc.

I look forward to trying out the new phone and will post my thoughts here in the near future.