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Humble Mobile Bundle 9 out now

The Humble mobile bundles now seem to update every two weeks, meaning even more great value gaming goodness (or alternatively more money forked out!) The current bundle features six games, three of them if you beat the average (currently a very reasonable $2.87). Additionally, you can get Devil’s Attorney for free whether you buy the bundle or not!

Humble Mobile Bundle 9

The games featured are:

  • Syberia, an adventure game
  • Neuroshima Hex, a tactical board game
  • Bardbarian: Golden Axe Edition, an RPG
  • Leo’s Fortune, a platform game (beat the average)
  • Out There, a space exploration game (beat the average)
  • First Strike, a strategy simulation game (beat the average)

As per usual, more games will be added soon, which will make this even greater value if you buy it now for $2.87! There are 13 more days until the bundle finishes, I’d advise buying it sooner rather than later as the price may go up.

Blog post

Humble Bundle with Android 7 now available

The latest Humble Bundle package of games is another Android-flavoured version – all of the games featured in this bundle have Android versions (or near equivalents). As usual, the bundle is pay-what-you-want, but if you beat the average you’ll get an extra two games. The bundled games are:

  • Ticket to Ride (+USA 1910 DLC)
  • Greed Corp
  • Incredipede
  • Anodyne
  • Worms Reloaded (beat the average)
  • The Bard’s Tale (beat the average)

All games are playable on Windows, OS X, Linux and Android, although rather than Worms Reloaded Android users will get Worms 2: Armageddon. The current average is $6.20 so better jump on this now before extra games get added (they always do) and the price goes up! Check out the video below for more information.